My name is Sylvia and this is my 3rd year Blog of my BA games design and art. This blog is for Semester 1 as of now however may be expanded to have content of both semesters. Please use the menu to navigate around this blog, the following content is under the following titles:

  • Home – this page
  • Making the world – Notes on our ‘Making the world’ sessions, focusing on mechanics and mechanic generation and construction
  • Coding – Notes from our coding sessions
  • Research – Research under phases 1 – 2 of our brief, including that of broad research of 4 topics, and research of the more narrow topic of tribal traditions and identity
  • Ideation and design – Phases 3 – 4 of our brief, looking at idea development as well as expanding on these ideas and looking at one final game
    • under Phase 4 all of the phase 4 work can be found. For ease of navigation I have also put a ‘concepting’ sub menu, an ‘art direction’ sub menu and, ‘Game project proposal’ menu, in which important decisions can be found. However please click on ‘phase 4’ to see all content
  • Reviews – Weekly reflections looking at how I feel I┬áhave done that week as well as how i feel that i could improve, also what I plan on doing the next week
  • Guest lectures – Notes and reflections on our visits from guest lectures from various different studios and places

Accompanying this blog is a series of sketchbooks as well as a binder full of printed out notes, papers, journals and case studies, all of which have relevant information highlighted and post it notes writing down what I predominately interesting. Each piece of additional material (books and binder) has been flag-posted with page markers on important pages where decisions have been made, along with sticky notes that summaries the information.

Additional material to this blog:

  • Sketchbook 1 – Research
    • Phase 1 and 2 of semester 1, research menu on this blog contains the information that goes along side it.
  • Sketchbook 2 – Ideation and design
    • Phase 3 and 4 of semester 1, Ideation and design menu goes along side this.
  • Research binder
    • Printed out case studies, journals, papers, studies which have then been highlighted and important information summarised on a post it note on the front of each paper.